What is Hyperion Essbase?

Hyperion Essbase is a multidimensional data store or you can also call it a MOLAP engine. MOLAP is short for Multidimensional OnLine Analytical Processing. I am going to assume here that you know what OLAP is and hence your interest in Essbase.

Hyperion Essbase has been named as one of the 10 most influential technology innovations of the last 10 years by Information Age magazine in its August 2005 issue. This news is 3 years old (and counting) but Essbase still hasn’t lost any of its relevance.

Being in the BI consulting domain myself I have come across numerous customers who are simply bowled over by this technology. Of course none of them have an in depth knowledge of the product and that is the beauty of this application. It simply performs where others have failed and it provides such a simple and elegant design that it just wins over the business user by its simplicity and yet flexibility in handling OLAP data.

I will be discussing Hyperion Essbase in detail and also giving tips and tricks as I gather all I know right here on this blog.


3 thoughts on “What is Hyperion Essbase?

  1. Hi, I have to buil a cube in Hyperion Essbase. I have read a lot of documentation but I canot understand what I must install. I think that I need to install Essbase Studio, but I do not know which are the files for installing the essbase database. Can you help me please?, I need to finisho and deliver the homework on friday 14, August…I need help. Thanks a lot….


    • Cesar,

      I didn’t quite understand. If you have the cube ready, then you must have been able to access essbase on your system. If you mean you’ve created it in theory then please install Essbase Client, Essbase Server, Essbase Administration Services and Essbase Provider Services.

      Make sure you have Microsoft Excel installed, since the Essbase Client installs a plugin within essbase to query as well as input data. Of course you can do it from within Essbase Administration Console, but I find excel to be more friendly an environment for this.


  2. Shehzad,

    Thanks a lot, perhaps my message wasn’t clear because my english is poor, sorry for that.

    The second option that you gave me is the correct, I haven’t install Essbase, I have solved the problem using OWB but I need to solve it using ODI and Essbase. The problema consist in fill a cube with a relational model. The cube must bue construct in Oracle and in Essbase. The data and relational model is in Oracle. We just finish it in OWB and now we are doing investment in ODI, we are doing tutorials, but we are in the correct path. Next Friday or next weekend we area going to install Essbase,with your tips or indications…thanks a lot again…on Monday I can evacuate a more precise report…..


    Essbase Client, Essbase Server, Essbase Administration Services and Essbase Provider Services.

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