What is Hyperion Planning?

If you’ve heard of Hyperion Essbase, I’m sure you would also have heard of Hyperion Planning. Hyperion Planning is a planning and budgeting application built on top of Hyperion Essbase.

Since Essbase is such a versatile MOLAP engine that the planning application based on Essbase also has the same attributes.

Oracle describes it as follows:

Oracle Hyperion Planning (Planning) software is a centralized, Microsoft Excel and Web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes. Planning provides an in-depth look at business operations and its related impact on financials, by tightly integrating financial and operational planning models.

If we set aside the marketing-speak, Hyperion Planning translates into a very robust and scalable application for the planning and budgeting cycle. Period.

This is all a business user needs to know who is looking into Hyperion Planning. There are lots of other solutions available from different vendors and the specific comparison is out of the scope of this post. I will come to that later on.


4 thoughts on “What is Hyperion Planning?

  1. REporting for planning. From given security export file does not include the dimension access level setup information. Does anyone know how to get at the dimension access level information that is setup in workspace with a maxl script. I can get at essbase but its not giving me all the planning information.

    • Ladygwene,

      Can you please elaborate on what you are trying to achieve and what you are already trying to do. I am sorry but I couldn’t understand your problem a 100%.


  2. The following code gives me partial security info in a file format looking to get at plannings dimension setup information as well as forms, reports..fdqm..

    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03paccess.txt’;
    display privilege user;
    spool off;

    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pdatabase.txt’;
    display database;
    spool off;

    set column_width 45;
    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pga.txt’;
    display privilege group;
    spool off;

    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pgu.txt’;
    display user in group;
    spool off;

    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pfilters.txt’;
    display filter;
    spool off;

    spool off;


    • If you’re looking to see the security (at dimension member level for each dimension) and for the forms in the Hyperion Planning System the following should be of use:

      Open “Command Prompt”
      Navigate to an appropriate location (this is where the forms will be saved)
      Launch “%HYPERION_HOME%\Planning\bin\ExportSecurity.cmd”

      Usage: ExportSecurity.cmd /A=appname,/U=username,/P=password, { [/S=searchCriteria] |[[/S_USER=user],[/S_GROUP=group]] | [/S_MEMBER=mem | /S_MEMBER_C=mem | /S_MEMBER_IC=mem| /S_MEMBER_D=mem|/S_MEMBER_ID=mem]}, [/DELIM={delim}] , [/DEBUG=true|false],[/TO_FILE=fileName]
      Ex: ExportSecurity.cmd /A=app1,/U=user,/P=password,/S=user

      Please note that this is for a Planning application only.

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