Enabling logging for Hyperion Planning

I cannot stress enough the need for logging. When everything is going well, there is absolutely no need to look at the logs. This is why most people forget to enable logging. It is always a good practice to enable as much logging as possible. Disk space is nothing to be stingy about and I wouldn’t be particularly concerned if the logs took up some space, but in the event of something failing they can be a lifesaver.

To enable logging for Planning:

  1. Launch regedit.exe
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREHyperion SolutionsHyperionPlanningHyS9Planning
  3. There should already be a string value SysErrFile and SysOutFile set to nul. Change these to “%HYPERION_HOME%logsPlanningSyserr_plan.log” and “%HYPERION_HOME%logsPlanningSysout_plan.log” respectively.
  4. Restart Planning

2 thoughts on “Enabling logging for Hyperion Planning

    • In order to log in to the system you need to launch workspace from your browser.
      The URL is http://:/workspace/

      Start by entering the admin username and password.

      The planning SysErrFile and SysOutFile are not enabled by default in 9.2. I think you would have to open up the registry where the log file paths are defined and then define values for these two.

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