Migrating Forms


In any typical implementation, there are multiple environments – typically development, testing and production. Having multiple environments obviously involves migrating work from one environment to the other.

In this post we’ll discuss the migration of forms. Hyperion Planning comes with a built-in utility to import and export forms. This utility is called FormDefUtil.cmd and is found in the %HYPERION_HOME%/Planning/bin folder.

The syntax of the utility is relatively simple

Usage: HspFormDefUtil <import/export> <filename/formname/-all> <server> <username> <password> <application>

To migrate the forms follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the folder where you want to store the forms
  2. Launch %HYPERION_HOME%/Planning/bin/FormDefUtil.cmd export -all localhost (or server address) <username> <password> <application>
  3. If the destination server is not accessible from current environment then copy (or move) the exported forms to the target environment. Navigate to the folder where the forms are copied in the target environment
  4. Launch %HYPERION_HOME%/Planning/bin/FormDefUtil.cmd import -all localhost (or server address) <username> <password> <application>

This is a relatively simple process to migrate forms. However if this is being done for the first time, all the forms will be created at the root level (Forms) for the specified application. If you have folder hierarchy defined for the forms, it is best to first manually create the folder hierarchy and the forms will be automatically placed in the relevant folder. The export .xml file of the form contains the dir name in it so it can identify the location if it already exists.

I haven’t really gone about in automating the replication/mirroring of the directory structure through automation but that is definitely a feature I would love to explore.


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