Microsoft and Redhat partner

Microsoft and Redhat announced a couple of weeks ago that they had signed an agreement to support each other’s OS on their respective virualization platforms. Complete details here.

A lot of people were skeptical of this deal and in the article a reference is made to the Microsoft-Novell agreement which seems to be far more comprehensive than the current one. But I think I figured out what the real deal is…

Reading this news item got me thinking and I suddenly realized that this deal probably has nothing to do with the OS itself. Microsoft acquired EDW Appliance vendor Datallegro late last year, and now they are signing deals with Linux vendors to support each others’ OS on their virtualization platforms. It didn’t take too long for the really sweet part of the deal to hit me.

The Datallegro solution is primarily targeting the SMB’s because most of the huge enterprises generally opt for solutions from IBM, Oracle, Teradata and the likes. Microsoft realises that even though it doesn’t like to admit it but there is a considerable chunk of the SMB market that relies on Linux to support their data centers. If their EDW appliance failed to run on their virtualizations solutions, then it would definitely alienate that particular segment of the SMB market. So, what do you think Microsoft did?


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