Why BI initiatives fail?

There are projects that become industry-wide references and then there are those that are dusted away beneath the carpet. The bigger solution providers have a higher rate of success than smaller solution providers simply because they have a very well defined program on how to deliver certain projects. They have a gold mine of internal documents/trainings/mentoring and have a better rate of success.

Being part of a firm that is regarded as one of the biggest and most prestigious consulting firms – the big blue, I have had a lot of experience in managing EDW/BI implementations. I have learned first hand on what are the key points-of-failure and I share them with my readers.
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Starting Hyperion Planning – System 9

The startup sequence of Hyperion Planning has a lot of people confused. Although the documentation that comes bundled with the product is ample and very comprehensive, it does take a little getting used to. When I first started working on the product, it did take me a while to get the hang of it. I personally feel its better to start the services manually (you can write a script to automate it of course) than to use the shortcuts (they point to batch files) that are created in the Hyperion menu as you install/configure each product.

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The Basics: OLAP, MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP – Lot’s of letters but what do they mean?

As part of the ‘basic’ series, we now come to the world of OLAP and the various concepts, technologies and tools in it. In my previous post on OLTP and OLAP, we saw the difference (conceptually) between what comprises an OLTP system and what would be considered as an OLAP system.

Having understood the fundamental concept of OLAP, lets go down the rabbit hole and see what other wonders we find. To jumpstart the process I’ll throw at you the 3 acronyms you are bound to hear when OLAP pops up and that is MOLAP, ROLAP and HOLAP. They are the three stooges of OLAP.

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