Oracle roadmap after Sun acquisition

Oracle has decided to buy Sun, and pending approval from Sun stockholders. Other than that, the deal seems to be set. How this is going to impact Oracle, Sun customers and the technology market in general needs to be seen. That does not mean that there is no room for speculation.
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IBM has made an announcement about a new service line being launched. This new service line will be known as Business Analytics and Optimization – more fondly as BAO. This will be part of the Global Business Services (GBS) division.
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ETL Tools

As a consultant I am usually making recommendations to customers for processes and products. On a recent discussion with a client (a major bank) I was basically working out an enterprise architecture to support their reporting requirements. In a move to consolidate its operations and personnel the bank has made a central body to take charge of ALL reporting requirements of the organization locally as well as globally.
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Required Dimensions for a Hyperion Planning Application

Some people who are new to Hyperion Planning but have a little experience of Essbase ask me ‘what are the required dimensions for a Hyperion Planning Application?’

This isn’t something that’s too difficult to find in the documentation, but just to make it a little easier for the lazier of us, I’m going to list here the required dimensions for a Hyperion Planning Application.

Required Dimensions*

  • Period
  • Year
  • Scenario
  • Version
  • Entity
  • Account

Other Dimensions

  • Alias
  • Smart Lists

*multicurrency applications require two additional dimensions

  • Currency
  • HSP_Rates

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ScribeFire Test

I have been using the web-interface of wordpress to add new entries. Although it allows me to take charge of advanced options (tagging posts with relevant meta information/assigning it to categories) it still requires me to login to yet another website.

I am trying this Firefox plugin ScribeFire to see how this helps or enhances the whole experience.

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Installation Guide: Hyperion Planning – System 9 (Coming Soon)

I’ve often been contacted by people who have had problems with the installation of Hyperion Planning – System 9. I’ve done it quite a few times so I’m quite comfortable in doing the installation, but it took me a long time to wade through all the documentation that is relevant for a complete installation.

I am in the process of compiling a document (complete with pictures – and loads of ’em) to guide you through the installation process. This initial guide makes some assumptions regarding the environment, but at the very least it gets you started with Hyperion Planning – System 9.

Once the guide is complete, I would be posting it on this blog. So do check back!

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