IBM has made an announcement about a new service line being launched. This new service line will be known as Business Analytics and Optimization – more fondly as BAO. This will be part of the Global Business Services (GBS) division.

IBM has long been known to have unique strategies that has taken it to greater heights. IBM derives nearly half of its revenue from Global Business Services which has a strong focus on technology implementations and consulting. As the crisis deepens it is becoming even more essential for business leaders to be able to analyze their businesses and their performance in unique and innovative ways in order to make critical decisions. This is where Business Intelligence comes in but this is not what BAO is going to be about. Business Intelligence will be just a small part of what BAO will have on offer. There is going to be a huge portfolio from green supply chain management to smart production lines to enterprise performance management. IBM is going green and is going to see a lot of green with initiatives that will provide the industries globally with smarter, greener and better technology to step into the post-recession and responsible world. Interestingly IBM GBS is probably the only organization that can offer this kind of service portfolio with consultants, engineers and technologists that have a focus on a wide variety of fields and interests.

Let’s see how the whole BAO initiative unfolds and we’ll take the discussion forward from there.

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