Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (aka FDQM)

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management is a packaged solution for finance users that helps develop standardized financial data management processes with its Web-based guided workflow user interface. Its data preparation server can ease integrating and validating financial data from any of your source systems. And to further reduce your data integration costs as well as data mapping complexities, Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management includes prepackaged adapters for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance, Oracle’s Hyperion Enterprise, Oracle Essbase, and Oracle E-Business Suite.

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Limitations on size of dense dimensions for optimum performance

Designing an Essbase DB comes with a lot of practice and experience. There are however some basic tips & tricks that we should be aware of. One common question I’ve come across in my inbox relates to the ideal block size of an Essbase DB.

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How to Stop Windows from Shutting Down

Windows automatic shutdown can be a pain if you have lots of important windows open and you just don’t want to restart all the applications and re-open all the windows, yet your computer has decided that it needs to restart/shutdown. There is a handy trick to avoid just that sort of moments. The key is to create a shortcut and point it to:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe -a

This basically calls the Windows shutdown.exe with the ‘-a’ parameter to abort the shutdown. I have a shortcut in my QuickLaunch bar so I can just click on it and get the shutdown to abort. Saves me a lot of hassle.

Clueless Guide: Difference between BI Reports and ERP Reports

Business Intelligence (BI) is just a fancy term for reporting. If I ask a business user what a report is, he/she will be able to bring up an image in their head of what it is and explain it as well. To make it easier to understand BI, just consider it as a reporting mechanism. That begs to the question why we have a fancy term like BI for a simple concept like reports?

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Clueless Guide

Being a technology consultant I get to meet a lot of people everyday. I have found that some are very knowledgeable about technology and software and how a particular product will be able to help them; whereas some have been totally clueless about new products, technologies and concepts that can make their business more efficient. I have decided to write a series of articles called the ‘Clueless Guide’ that will basically break down the technologies and concepts in a simpler form.

Hyperion: Why is there a startup order for the services?

I’ve often been asked this question from people who are new to Hyperion. To best understand the reason behind the specific sequence in which the Hyperion services are started we must understand the architecture of the product suite.
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