You’re a Brand

Always keep your options open. A safety net if you may. Given the current economic crisis that has consumed hundreds of thousands of jobs and devastated an equal number of homes has opened up scary possibilities. Employment isn’t as secure as one imagined it to be given that the shrinking of the globe (or call it the explosion of interactive communication channels) since we aren’t competing within our own community but on a larger scale than that. A much larger scale than that. You are competing with everyone out there!

Apart from the essential fact that one has to keep their skills updated and career path carefully charted in order to remain relevant and hence employable but it is also essential to be effectively marketed. With email and online application processes allowing thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people sending in their applications it is even more important to be able to market oneself in order to catch the recruiters eye. With such huge numbers available to them it is simply impossible to analyze and evaluate each application on its own merits.

I am securely employed and hope to remain so but as I wish to start practicing from now and would suggest to all of my readers that we need to be on the lookout always. Maybe for a better opportunity or maybe just a safety net. However, when we really need to find employment that may not be the ideal time to start marketing yourself or writing your resume. I feel that we should constantly be working on our resume, ourimage, our skills and our marketability.

This blog may be diversifying from its original purpose but I maintain that it has more to do with my own personal growth and the journey I chart in life. This blog will evolve and grow as I evolve and grow. I hope to maintain my focus on EPM / BI and more specifically Hyperion but additional topics will become a part of this blog.