A ‘very’ short history of Data Warehouses

Teradata was the first to announce a database that could handle 1TB of data. They developed a database that was built to work on a massively parallel scale and hence the high speeds in working with large volumes of data. Teradata was (for at least five years in succession) one of the fastest growing company at that time.

IBM published “Information Warehouse” framework as early as 1987 and hence can be regarded as the other pioneer of data warehousing.

Enterprise Data Warehousing has been the key trend in corporate computing in the 1990s and continues to be so today.


Essbase Service not starting

After I figured out the issue with OpenLDAP, I recently saw a similar problem with my Essbase service. However many times I tried to start it, it would just shutdown immediately. This could have been a result of the improper shutdown I mentioned as a reason for the OpenLDAP database to get corrupted.

Fixing essbase is not without losses. I discovered that the security file had been corrupted and hence essbase shutdown soon after I started it.

I went to my application backup folder and copied the essbase.sec file back to the current deployment. The essbase.sec needs to be replaced with a working version. When I started the service again, it was back up and running.

Please note that if you don’t have a current backup, then a lot of the security information that has changed since you’re last backup will need to be done again. I had a very recent backup so I was saved from this hassle.

OpenLDAP and Shared Services not starting

A server hosting Hyperion Planning – System 9 was started up. The OpenLDAP and Shared Services were set to start automatically. They didn’t start automatically. When they were started manually they gave an error and failed to start.

I discovered that the OpenLDAP service was the cause of the problem since it did not start. The server had been improperly shutdown because of a power outage. This sudden shutdown had caused the OpenLDAP database to crash and hence it was unable to restart.

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