OpenLDAP and Shared Services not starting

A server hosting Hyperion Planning – System 9 was started up. The OpenLDAP and Shared Services were set to start automatically. They didn’t start automatically. When they were started manually they gave an error and failed to start.

I discovered that the OpenLDAP service was the cause of the problem since it did not start. The server had been improperly shutdown because of a power outage. This sudden shutdown had caused the OpenLDAP database to crash and hence it was unable to restart.

To recover an OpenLDAP database the db_recover utility is required to recover the database to a point in time before the failure.

This utility is present in “%HYPERION_HOME%\SharedServices\9.3.1\openLDAP\bdb\bin” directory.

Execute the command:

db_recover –h %HYPERION_HOME%\SharedServices\9.3.1\openLDAP\var\openldap-data –t 200912311200

%HYPERION_HOME%\SharedServices\9.3.1\openLDAP\var\openldap-data is the path where the DB is located

200912311200 denotes 31-Dec-2009 12:00 as the restore point. You can set this time to when you know the DB to be in a running condition (prior to the failure).


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