Google Translate Bookmarklet

I find myself going to the Google Translate or Bing Translate service quite often when I stumble across foreign words. My browser of choice or should I say browsers of choice are Firefox and Chrome, both of which have addons for translation. However since I don’t use these services often enough to justify a permanent addon installed (and taking up resources) I thought I’d go the efficient yet convenient way of bookmarklets.

And in most cases, I usually end up saying ‘How hard could it be?’ so I basically decided to make my own. I know there might be others out there, but I never bothered searching for one and decided to make it myself. So here it is for any of you who might find this useful.

Google Translate by Shehzad (I wanted to be able to post the bookmarklet here, but wordpress won’t let me. I’ve hosted it on the website so you can grab it from there)


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