Netbook sales will soar

Netbook sales will soar to 22 million in 2009. IDC reported this previous Friday that the sales of netbooks grew 7 times (yes 700%) YoY for the first quarter of 2009.

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Oracle roadmap after Sun acquisition

Oracle has decided to buy Sun, and pending approval from Sun stockholders. Other than that, the deal seems to be set. How this is going to impact Oracle, Sun customers and the technology market in general needs to be seen. That does not mean that there is no room for speculation.
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Microsoft and Redhat partner

Microsoft and Redhat announced a couple of weeks ago that they had signed an agreement to support each other’s OS on their respective virualization platforms. Complete details here.

A lot of people were skeptical of this deal and in the article a reference is made to the Microsoft-Novell agreement which seems to be far more comprehensive than the current one. But I think I figured out what the real deal is…

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