Long Hiatus

Hi All,

I’ve been extremely busy and this blog became a low priority for me. I have been away for a few years but recently remembered this and wanted to start blogging again. I will start posting again soon and be covering lots of interesting topics regarding Hyperion specially Hyperion Planning.

There is a lot that has changed in Hyperion Planning with version and a lot of new capabilities that are now available.

Check back soon for some interesting updates and posts!



Writer’s Block

It’s been a while since I updated anything on the blog. A lot has happened in the Hyperion and Hyperion Planning world, namely with the new 11.1.2 release.

I have been too occupied to fully explore the product and start blogging about it. I should definitely get round to that.

OpenLDAP and Shared Services not starting

A server hosting Hyperion Planning – System 9 was started up. The OpenLDAP and Shared Services were set to start automatically. They didn’t start automatically. When they were started manually they gave an error and failed to start.

I discovered that the OpenLDAP service was the cause of the problem since it did not start. The server had been improperly shutdown because of a power outage. This sudden shutdown had caused the OpenLDAP database to crash and hence it was unable to restart.

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