Life with Linux: BitTorrent Client

Ubuntu comes bundled with Transmission as the bittorrent client. It is a very minimalist application but it gets the job done, so I have absolutely no objection to that. However it required a few more clicks to do stuff that I sometimes end up doing.

While using Windows, I was totally dependent on utorrent and would never have imagined using any other client. So naturally I wanted something that would be on the lines of utorrent. The client I’m using now is Deluge and I must say it is pretty much everything I would want in a torrent client. It has the exact same layout as utorrent and pretty much most of the features, so I’ve decided to get rid of Transmission and rely solely on Deluge.

Update: I think I was a bit too hasty in declaring my love for Deluge. I have just discovered qBittorrent and I have now made it into my primary and ONLY bittorrent client.