Creating a dimension with Interface tables

For the ones who have started using BPMA to manage the outline in Hyperion Planning, there are two options to create the dimensions. Either make the .ads file or populate the Interface tables with the relevant information.

Maintaining and developing an .ads file is rather cumbersome and updating the Master version takes considerably more time as compared to pulling the data from the Interface tables.

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Required Dimensions for a Hyperion Planning Application

Some people who are new to Hyperion Planning but have a little experience of Essbase ask me ‘what are the required dimensions for a Hyperion Planning Application?’

This isn’t something that’s too difficult to find in the documentation, but just to make it a little easier for the lazier of us, I’m going to list here the required dimensions for a Hyperion Planning Application.

Required Dimensions*

  • Period
  • Year
  • Scenario
  • Version
  • Entity
  • Account

Other Dimensions

  • Alias
  • Smart Lists

*multicurrency applications require two additional dimensions

  • Currency
  • HSP_Rates

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