Essbase Service not starting

After I figured out the issue with OpenLDAP, I recently saw a similar problem with my Essbase service. However many times I tried to start it, it would just shutdown immediately. This could have been a result of the improper shutdown I mentioned as a reason for the OpenLDAP database to get corrupted.

Fixing essbase is not without losses. I discovered that the security file had been corrupted and hence essbase shutdown soon after I started it.

I went to my application backup folder and copied the essbase.sec file back to the current deployment. The essbase.sec needs to be replaced with a working version. When I started the service again, it was back up and running.

Please note that if you don’t have a current backup, then a lot of the security information that has changed since you’re last backup will need to be done again. I had a very recent backup so I was saved from this hassle.


Limitations on size of dense dimensions for optimum performance

Designing an Essbase DB comes with a lot of practice and experience. There are however some basic tips & tricks that we should be aware of. One common question I’ve come across in my inbox relates to the ideal block size of an Essbase DB.

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What is Hyperion Essbase?

Hyperion Essbase is a multidimensional data store or you can also call it a MOLAP engine. MOLAP is short for Multidimensional OnLine Analytical Processing. I am going to assume here that you know what OLAP is and hence your interest in Essbase.

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